Which Private Chef Service Is Right For You?

So, you’re ready to hire a Private Chef, but you’re not sure which service is right for you. Private Chefs have culinary degrees allowing them to offer a wide range of services for their clients. Many of these services are available to the general public and may benefit you and your guests at your next gathering. If you’re not sure, contact The Rogue Chef in Branson, Missouri to help you decide which Private Chef service is perfect for your next meal, work celebration, family gathering, or special event.

  1. In-Home Private Dining – This is the most common Private Chef service. Using your requests and preferences, the chef will create a personalized menu for your event. The chef and any assistants will arrive approximately 2 hours prior to the time you want your first course served. Your food will be prepared and served. As you enjoy your meal, the chef will provide additional foods, offer any food/wine pairings, and clean up all service areas. This service can be done in your private residence, vacation rental, office space, cabin, or any other facility. For more information about this process, check out How to Hire a Private Chef
  1. Create Special Menus – Whether you’re planning a reunion gathering, wedding, or simple meal for your family, you may want a professionally trained chef to create a special menu. Chefs are highly trained professionals who know what items compliment other items and can tell you how to prepare certain foods. For instance, in Branson, Missouri, many clients spend their day fishing and would like to cook the fish they catch. Chef Jeff has helped his clients prepare Bluegill, Bass, Catfish, Crappie, and even Paddlefish. You might also need a specialized menu for a guest who is vegan, practicing keto, or has food allergies like dairy, nuts, or seafood. Having a chef create a menu will help make the cooking process easier. 
  1. Upscale Large Group Dining Experience – A typical catered meal for a large group usually consists of Mostaccioli, Fried Chicken, and Instant Potatoes. Hiring a Private Chef will not result in a typical catered meal. When you hire a Private Chef to create a meal for a large group, the chef will help you create a delicious menu for your guests and accommodate individual needs, including any food allergies or preferences. The chef will first ask you what you would like served. Then, he will make suggestions about what food items are best for your guests. Together, you will create an exquisite menu for your large group to enjoy. Private Chefs will also have contacts for servers, bartenders, and hosts if you need them for your large gathering. 
  1. Food, Menu, and Kitchen Consulting – While this service is primarily done for local restaurants, the general public is welcome to utilize these services, too. Asking questions about foods, food preparation, recipes, and menu items are common conversations for chefs. Ask. Send an email or text. Many clients call a Private Chef when they are building or remodeling their kitchen. Kitchens are usually not designed with a chef in mind. Getting insight from a professional chef may make cooking in the kitchen much easier for everyone.
  1. Culinary Training – Are you interested in learning how to cook a particular meal, appetizer, or dessert? A Private Chef can teach you. Chef Jeff, The Rogue Chef, has been a Culinary Instructor at College of the Ozarks, near Branson, Missouri. He taught his students many of the basic skills required to be a Private Chef. He has also trained many up-and-coming new chefs and has shown his clients, upon request, how to make certain dishes when he serves them for a private event.
  1. Meal Preparation – While Private Chefs enjoy cooking in front of guests and presenting their food in a very trendy fashion, they can also cook food in advance and deliver it to your location. It doesn’t have to be an entire meal. Private Chefs can create individual charcuterie boards, appetizers, salads, desserts, and more. Having a Private Chef create one or more items for your meal will make meal preparation less tedious and time consuming for you.
  1. Food Finder – This is a Private Chef’s passion! Want to know where to find Walleye Fish or the best cut of meat in town? Are you looking for the best baker or someone who can DJ your wedding? A Private Chef has shopped at the most elite delicatessens, food stores, and specialty stores in the state and he has contacts with many people in the service industry. A good Private Chef knows where to get the best foods and can connect you to other private chefs, entertainers, food sources, masseuses, bartenders, and anything else you need to make your event a success.

Now, you know what services are offered by Private Chefs, which one will you choose? If you are looking for the perfect private chef experience, contact Chef Jeff, The Rogue Chef in Branson, Missouri. You may also enjoy reading Why You Should Hire A Private Chef.

Written by: Dr. Dana, Co-Owner of The Rogue Chef, Branson, MO. 618-977-3156; www.TheRogueChefBranson.com