Chef Jeff's Tutorials

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Learn how Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Honey Goat Cheese and topped with Whiskey Glaze are made.

Cinnamon Rolls

Can you smell the Cinnamon Rolls baking? If you loved the Yeast Bread video, then this Cinnamon Rolls video is perfect for you. Chef Jeff shares his famous recipe, used by Paula Moad since she was 12 years old. Both Paula and Chef Jeff share some secrets to making the perfect Cinnamon Rolls. At one point in the video, Chef Jeff goes Rogue and tries something new with the Cinnamon Roll dough. SPOILER ALERT: It is delicious!

Yeast Bread

Chef Jeff shows viewers a very special yeast dough recipe, made by Paula Moad since she was 12 years old. This recipe is a long-time tradition made for holidays and special occasions. Paula has taught many people how to make this recipe including all of her grandsons: Zak, Levi, Preston, and Houston. She says the secret to her recipe is to pray before you begin. Ask God to bless everyone who will eat the bread. The Rogue Chef is honored to be able to use this recipe for his clients whenever they order bread, yeast rolls, or cinnamon rolls.

Mixed Berry Cobbler

Chef Jeff makes a quick – 2X as fast – drop biscuit cobbler.

Perfect Asparagus

The number one question I get about my perfect asparagus is why it’s not woody. Here’s why and it’s easy for everyone to do.

Carving Prime Rib Roast

How do you properly cut a bone-in Prime Rib Roast? Watch Chef Jeff as he carves one of the Smoked Prime Rib Roasts from The Rogue Chef in Branson, Missouri. Whether you ordered a roast for your Christmas Feast or you need to cut your own Roast, Chef Jeff offers many carving tips. He even shows what he does with the left over bones. Stop by The Rogue Chef in Branson, Missouri to try the smoked prime rib on the Prime Rib Nachos, Miss Emma’s Mac-n-Cheese with Prime Rib, Prime Rib Griller, or The Rogue French Dip.

Whiskey Balls

Chef Jeff’s mom shares a special Christmas treat, Whiskey Balls. You are going to love these chocolate favorites with a kick of whiskey.

Personal Pizza by Dr. Dana (Not a Chef)

Want a simple and quick dinner? Try making this personal-sized pizza. Dr. Dana (Not a Chef) shows you how to make this fun dinner option with adorable special guest appearances by Rebel and Dixie.

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Brownie

Fall is here and it’s time for our Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Brownie. We’ve added a delicious pecan caramel sauce and we know you are going to love this treat. Pick up today at The Rogue Chef in Branson, MO.

Cracking an Egg

Crack your eggs like a chef. Watch how Chef Jeff cracks eggs for the Breakfast Sandwiches at The Rogue Chef in Branson, MO.

Breaking the Macadamia Nut Toffee

Ever wonder how chefs break the toffee? Watch Chef Jeff as he breaks apart the Macadamia Nut Toffee at The Rogue Chef in Branson, Missouri.

Crispy Bacon

Want to make crispy bacon? Chef Jeff tells you the secrets to making crispy bacon every time. Crispy bacon is used in our Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel, Brussel Sprouts and Bacon side, Nachos, and Loaded Tots.

Scrambled Eggs

Chef Jeff from The Rogue Chef in Branson, Missouri shows how to make scrambled eggs.

Golden Brown and Delicious

Want to know how to get your bread Golden Brown and Delicious? Check out this helpful tip.

Rice Pilaf

Watch Chef Jeff as he dices and sautés mirepoix for the rice pilaf, which is the base for the Mediterranean entrees at The Rogue Chef in Branson, MO.

How to Sharpen a Chef Knife

Chefs have to keep their knives sharp to create a culinary masterpieces and maintain a safe environment. Watch Chef Jeff from The Rogue Chef in Branson Missouri as he shows you how to sharpen a chef knife on a tri-stone sharpening block. Be sure to stop by The Rogue Chef in Branson Missouri and try one of their signature entrees like the Prime Rib Griller or Miss Emma’s Mac and Cheese with Shrimp, Pork, or Prime Rib. You will have to try a cold glass of Grilled Lemonade, which is made from lemons that are grilled on the flattop grill (See Grilled Lemonade video).

Grilled Lemonade

Chef Jeff grills the lemons to create a unique drink you will want at every event.

Smoked Prime Rib

This smoked Prime Rib will melt in your mouth. You will love it on sandwiches, in Miss Emma’s Mac-n-Cheese, or as a sliced thick steak. Prepared to order.

How To: Berries In Batter

Do your berries sink to the bottom of your dish? Here’s how to prevent sinking berries. We look forward to seeing you at The Rogue Chef in Branson, Missouri. Be sure to subscribe if you like these videos.

Miss Emma’s Mac-n-Cheese

Everyone’s favorite side item, Mac-n-Cheese, has gone ROGUE! Made with seven different kinds of cheese, this is sure to be your favorite meal when you visit The Rogue Chef in Branson, Missouri. Miss Emma’s Mac-n-Cheese is served as a side item or as an entree with your choice of tequila lime chicken, smoked prime rib, truffled seafood mix, or a veggie medley.

Blueberry Beer Bread

Looking for a twist on traditional Beer Bread? Here is our Rogue version of this classic.

French Toast

This is our take on a classic breakfast dish. Can’t wait to see you at The Rogue Chef Branson Missouri.

Smoked Pork Butt

Want to know how to smoke a pork butt? Watch Chef Jeff as he prepares a pork butt with rub and injections. He will walk you through the entire process to get an amazing tasting pork butt.

The Breakfast Sandwich

The Breakfast Sandwich is a true favorite with eggs, bacon, and Havarti cheese on a toasted bagel.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cheesecake

Executive Chef and Co-owner, Jeff Woodward, shows you secrets to making one of The Rogue Chef’s most loved desserts, a peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake.