How To Hire A Private Chef

Have you ever thought about hiring a private chef? Setting up this luxurious experience is simple. Follow these 7 steps for large groups, small parties, family gatherings, a couples event, or even a private romantic dinner for two:

  1. Contact a Chef – Email, Text, or Call a Private Chef in your area. You can use a Google search to find one or contact The Rogue Chef in Branson, Missouri. If he is not available for your event, he can refer you to other amazing chefs. 
  2. Address Basic Information – Tell the chef the following things so a menu can be created and sent to you:
  • Date and location of your event
  • Number of people attending – include adults and children
  • Any food allergies – dairy, nuts, seafood, meat, etc.
  • Possible budget per person – If you have a per person budget, tell the chef before the menu is designed. This will help speed up the process of selecting menu items to fit your budget.
  • Food preferences or themes – This gives the chef a place to start when creating your menu. You can search the chef’s Facebook page or website to get ideas, but don’t limit your menu to the pictures. Good chefs have culinary skills beyond your typical meal. Allow them to be creative and impress your tastebuds.
  1. Think About Your Budget – There is no “average” price for private chef clients. Prices are usually given on a “per person” basis and include designing a unique menu for your event, shopping at various specialty stores for premium products, cost of products, travel, food preparation prior to your event and during your event, chef served plated meal, and clean-up of kitchen/dining area after your meal. The menu will include prices. These are non-negotiable prices, as they are determined by the cost of the products and the amount of time it will take the chef to prepare your meal. You can change the price by negotiating the number of appetizers, type of entree, sides, and/or desserts. Changing or eliminating these items will change the overall cost per person. If your event is more than 60 miles from the chef’s location, a travel fee of $175 – $250 is customary.
  2. Review the Menu – Look at the menu the chef created. Select items, if the chef gave you options, or determine if you want to make changes. Chefs expect changes to the initial menu because they want to create a menu that fits your needs. Send changes back to the chef as soon as possible. Check out a Sample Menu.
  3. Pay a Deposit – Once the menu is finalized (this may take several back and forth conversations to confirm), pay a deposit to secure your date with the chef. The deposit is usually half the total price and is non-refundable after a certain timeframe, as this money is used to purchase food.
  4. Enjoy the Experience – The chef will arrive at your location 2-3 hours prior to your event. The chef may bring a Sous Chef or Host to help. Talk to the chef upon arrival to discuss exact time frames, food preparation and service areas, and any questions or concerns you may need addressed. The chef will prepare your food, plate it, serve it, and then clean up. There is nothing you need to worry about, just enjoy the meal.
  5. Reward the Efforts – This can be done in a variety of ways. You may decide to pay a tip, which is not required, but always appreciated. Tips usually range from 15 – 30% of the total bill and can be added to the final payment or paid in cash after the event. Additional ways to reward the efforts of the chef include positive feedback during and after the meal, Google reviews, comments on Facebook or other social media accounts, referrals to other customers, and/or repeat business. It is a treat for a chef to be invited to a future event.

If you follow these 7 simple steps, you will be able to enjoy all the luxuries of hiring a private chef for any event. 

Written by: Dr. Dana, Co-Owner of The Rogue Chef, Branson, MO. 618-977-3156;