How to Know Your Holiday Dinner was NOT Catered by a Private Chef

Holiday Dinners are always a wonderful tradition for family and friends. It’s a meal your guests look forward to all year. You want to make sure the food is a culinary delight, but your guests will know if it was not catered by a Private Chef.

  1. Your turkey is dry because it is not brined and rubbed with herb butter by a Professional Chef, who stuffs the turkey with aromatics such as onions, carrots, celery, sage, fresh thyme, rosemary, and citrus.
  1. Your green bean casserole is mushy, made with canned mushroom soup, and canned green beans instead of freshly snapped haricots verts and homemade cream of mushroom soup, made with a variety of fresh mushrooms.
  1. You pull the dinner rolls out of a plastic bag instead of enjoying homemade yeast rolls with honey cinnamon butter.
  1. Your cranberry sauce is in the shape of a metal can and does not have fresh cranberries, orange zest, or allspice.
  1. Your mashed potatoes start as flakes in a box and are not peeled by a Sous Chef, who adds roasted garlic, butter, heavy cream, sour cream, and a variety of cheeses.

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Written by: Dr. Dana, Co-Owner of The Rogue Chef, Branson, MO. 618-977-3156;